Adding a New Student to the Next Year Digital Data Wall
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Adding a New Student to the Next Year Digital Data Wall

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Article summary

Adding a New Student on the Compose Screen

As an Admin you can add new students directly to the compose screen (the Next Year Digital Data Wall).  To enter an individual student:

  1. Go to the Next Year Digital Data Wall.
  2. Ensure the Hallway "class" is enabled by clicking on the eye icon in the top left of the data table.
  3. Select the down arrow in the orange header of the Hallway class.
  4. Enter first name, last name, select gender, then click Add.
  5. Drag and drop the student from the Hallway into a class in the grade level.

Click on any image to expand the view.

Start Over
If Start Over is selected the new student who was added will be returned to the Hallway. 

Importing New Students

If you have too many new students, you can use the Import Students feature to upload them directly into the hallway.

To which hallway do I upload them? 
The hallway is shared between a grade and its next year's destination grade. For example, the current year's 2nd-grade hallway is the same as the next year's 3rd-grade hallway. So if you have new 3rd grade students, please navigate to the Import Students page through the current year's 2nd-grade digital data wall.