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  • 07 Feb 2024
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Free Trial

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Article summary

The Free Trial is a great way for you and one grade level in your school to try out our program to see if it meets your needs. The trial is flexible in that you can choose to try it by yourself or invite the teachers from the test grade level to experience it.

As an option you can enter made up names and scores and run through the process in a risk free way. Then you can delete this data and try it with your actual student data.

To get started you'll follow the same directions in Steps 1 - 3 in our Learning Portal.   

Free Trial Upgrade Directions

Click on any image to expand the view.

When you log in you'll see the blue banner in the header.

Click on the Upgrade link. It will take you to this screen. Choose Request a Quote or Request Invoice with Payment link option.

A pop-up confirmation window will appear. Select Please Send.

If you requested an invoice, we will upgrade you on our end to full access within one day.

If you requested a quote, as soon as you accept and send us a purchase order we will upgrade you on our end.

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