Incoming Students
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Incoming Students

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Article Summary

Our default setting will display an Incoming "grade level." This grade level allows you enter the brand new students to your school into Class Composer. Once entered they can be run through our Compose algorithm to place them into your lowest grade level.

You have the option to disable the Incoming grade level. Once disabled your new incoming students will need to be placed directly into the lowest grade level classes after the Move to Next Year step has been completed. To disable go to: Classes > Incoming Enabled > No.

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If you choose to keep the Incoming grade level you will need to select a Lead teacher. The teachers available to be selected are pulled from the lowest grade level in your school. In the image below Bretta, Judy, and Sam are the Kindergarten teachers. In this example Bretta is selected and she will be able to navigate from her "normal" K dashboard to the Incoming dashboard.

The Incoming dashboard allows you to enter students one at a time or in bulk by selecting Import Students.

Incoming students will have a default grade of 5,5,5,3,3. From here you can change the grades.

Once all the students are graded run Compose and follow the same flow as any other grade level.

Adding Incoming Students vs. Adding New Students to Other Grade Levels

The Incoming grade level is the place to add students who will be entering your lowest grade level next year only.

If you have new students entering your school who need to go to other grade levels don't place them in the Incoming grade level. Add them in the appropriate grade level in the Current Year Digital Data Wall or in the Next Year Digital Data Wall.

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