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Article Summary

After Registering the next step is to confirm the Admin Settings for your school.

Teacher Compose allows the highest level of teacher involvement in the composition process:

  • Teachers are sent emails to use the program.

  • Teachers are able to view the Compose Digital Data Wall.

  • Lead teachers run the initial version of Compose. The lead teacher is the only teacher in the grade level to have access to the Compose button and to view the Compose screen

Admin Compose restricts teachers from viewing the Compose Digital Data Wall and having the ability to run Compose. Options within Admin Compose:

  • Teachers are sent emails to use the program. They will be able to access their dashboard to enter data on the Student Cards.

  • Teachers are not sent emails so they can't access the program at all. All grading and composition of classes is done by Admin. If you choose this option we recommend adding teacher names and emails to the Users section even though they aren't being invited. This will allow you to associate teacher names with classes.

Learn more: Teacher or Admin Compose

Teacher Names Visible on Compose Digital Data Wall

If you would like to minimize bias when your teachers are creating classes you can select No for the Teacher Names Visible on the Compose Digital Data Wall setting. We also use the term Blind Sort when the option to hide teacher names is selected. With a Blind Sort your teachers won't be able to see the next year's teacher names on the Compose Digital Data Wall and the Keep with Teacher placement request option will be disabled on the Student Card.

Learn more: Teacher Names Visible on Compose Screen

Compose New Incoming Students

Enabling this feature will allow you to use our Compose algorithm to place your new incoming students into your lowest grade level.

When this setting is disabled your new incoming students will need to be entered directly into specific classes in the lowest grade level of your school.

Learn more: Incoming Students

Teachers Can View Current Year Digital Data Wall

Our default setting will allow teachers to view the current year Digital Data Wall for their grade level. Selecting No will disable access.

Keep with Teacher

Our default setting will allow teachers to make Keep with Teacher requests, for the next academic year, for students on their Student Card. Selecting No will disable this placement request option.

Learn more: Student Card and Student Cell

Display Student Picture

If you would like to upload student pictures to be part of the Student Card you can enable this feature here.  Then go to Students > Pictures to do a bulk import.  Once enabled you can also import individual pictures into each Student Card by clicking on the image logo in the Student Card.

Academic and Life Skills Labels

In the Student Card, our default text display for the three Academic color bands are: Great, Good, and Low. Our default text display for the four Life Skills bands are: Great, Good, Low, and Challenging.

Here you can customize the text to display High instead of Great for example.

Next Step

Complete the Set Up for your school.

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