Teacher User Guide
  • 26 Feb 2024
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Teacher User Guide

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Article summary

Step 1: Set Password and Log In

Once your administrator has finished the registration and setup process you will receive a welcome email from Class Composer. In the email we sent to you, click on the link to create your password or copy and paste the full URL into a new tab in your browser.

Email hasn’t arrived?

  1. Check your junk or spam folder.

  2. Confirm with your administrator that the invite email was sent and they spelled your email correctly.

  3. Reach out to us at Support.

After creating your password you’ll be redirected to the log in screen.

Click on any image to expand the view.

After logging in you’ll land on the home page.

Moving forward you can log in again from our main website:

Step 2: Add Roster

The next step is to add your roster of students.  If your admin used the Import Students feature your roster will already be visible as grayed out Student Cells.

Click on the orange Add Student banner and enter first name, last name, gender (select non binary if applicable) and click Add.  This will create a grayed out Student Cell.

You can click the arrow in the orange Add Student header to collapse the Add Student entry field.

Step 3: Grade Your Students

Click on a Student Cell to open the Student Card.  Grade the student. To learn the details of the Student Card and how to grade please visit our Student Card and Student Cell article.

 After student is graded click Save.  The Student Cell will appear colored in your roster column. Continue until your whole class is graded. 

Required Scores

Reading, writing, math, behavior, and work skills are required to be entered. Without these scores entered for every student compose will not be able to run.

Enter Scores in Table View

As an alternative, you can enter scores for your students in a grid like view by selecting the Enter Scores in Table View button.

Step 4: Go to Current Year Digital Data Wall

Click on the Digital Data Wall button.  

You will land on the current year Digital Data Wall for your grade level.  

You will only be able to open the Student Cards for your students.  

To learn more please visit our Digital Data Wall article.

Lead Teacher

Admin will assign one lead teacher for your grade level.  The lead teacher is the only teacher in the grade level who can access the Compose screen and run Compose.

Step 5: Run Compose

The lead teacher will select the Compose button.   Our algorithm will run and automatically place all the students in the grade level into new classes for next year.  This is a starting point. Fine tune student placement by dragging and dropping students into other classes.  See GIF below.

Communicate and Collaborate

Have your co-teachers finished grading all of their Student Cards?  Do the Student Cards have the latest information?

Gather around the lead teacher's screen in person or through a video call to discuss student placement decisions.

Start Over

Selecting the Start Over button will reset the compose step completely.  Please visit this article to learn more: Start Over

Step 6: Submit Classes

Once you and your co-teachers are satisfied, the last step is to click Submit Classes.  This will send the class lists to admin and you will lose access to the Compose screen.

Made a mistake and submitted too soon? Admin has the capability to reopen access for your grade level if needed.

What Happens After Compose is Submitted?

Your grade level will no longer have access to the Compose screen. You will still have access to your current year class in the system.  Admin will review and finalize class lists. When the admin selects Move to Next Year you will receive your new class for the next academic year in your dashboard. The students will appear grayed out ready for you to enter data to start the new school year.  Selecting Display Scores for the previous year will allow you to open up the Student Card with the data entered by last year's teacher.  

Why Would I Use Class Composer After Classes are Created and Sent Out?

  1. Use our Groups feature to create guided reading groups, seating charts, and other flexible groups for your classroom or the entire grade level.

  2. Grade your students with the current information you have - you can always go back in and update the Student Card information before Compose is run in the spring. Then use the current year Digital Data Wall to guide your grade level discussions during Professional Learning Communities.

  3. Print out the Student Cards as a discussion guide at parent teacher conferences. 

Split Class Instructions

Adding Students

In the example shown below Connie Sinclair has a 1/2 current year split class.  When adding a student she will select the grade level this student would normally be in.

The image below shows how Andy Carlton was entered as a 1st grader.


If your admin used the student import feature ensure each student is assigned their correct grade level when opening each Student Card for the first time. If the grade level assignment is incorrect notify your admin so they can make the correction.

Grade Level Digital Data Wall

From your teacher dashboard select the grade level you would like to view then click on the Digital Data Wall button.

The corresponding grade level will display.