Update Student Import
  • 04 Feb 2024
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Update Student Import

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Article Summary

Our data import feature also allows you to add student information and manage student turnover during the school year for existing students.

Data Loss Warning

Please follow these directions carefully to avoid overwriting existing data.

As an alternative you can use our Enter Scores in Table View feature to update student information.

Let’s run through this made up scenario. It’s April and you, as the admin, want to be update the information in Class Composer to be as current as possible before your classroom teachers start the process to create classes in May. Shown below are the updates needed for first grade:

Step 1: Download the Current Class List from the current year Digital Data Wall or use the original sheet for the new student import.

Step 2: Use the downloaded sheet as a source to fill in the template generated from Import Students feature.

From the current year Digital Data Wall select Import Students > CSV Template.

Step 3: Format the sheet to match your goals.

Be mindful: The data entered in the sheet and imported will overwrite the existing data in the system.

In the sheet shown below:

  • The mid-year DRA scores have been updated.

  • The three students who left the school will be placed in the Hallway (Class 0).

  • The four new students are being added in.

Step 4: Save the sheet as a CSV to your computer.

Step 5: Choose File and select Upload Students

Step 6: Match Headers

Important: Be sure to select ALL the data that is in the sheet in the Include In Import column. Also be sure to select to include the Student ID.

Then select Continue.

Step 7: Confirm Data

Since the sheet has existing Student IDs, the system will recognize this as an Update Student Import.

Click on the label buttons in the grid to filter to view for the corresponding students.

Since we told the system to include the beginning and mid-year DRA scores we will need to put in a temporary value since we don’t have there scores yet to allow the import to occur.

And here are the students who left the school who are being placed in the Hallway.

Step 8: Select Confirm Data and Import

After the import is completed you’ll see the updated information on the current year Digital Data Wall.

Common Error to Avoid

Including just the data you want to update will result in existing data being deleted.

In this example with just two students, I want to update their mid-year scores. I’ve left off the beginning of the year DRA scores for these students.

After the import is completed the beginning of the year data is wiped away.

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