Small Groups for Teachers
  • 03 May 2024
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Small Groups for Teachers

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Article summary

With our Small Groups feature you will be able to move Student Cells to create flexible student groupings based on data.  Use this tool to create seating charts, guided reading groups, and project based learning groups.

To create a new group click on the New Group button in the upper right of your dashboard.

Click on any image to expand the view.

After selecting the New Group button you will arrive at the virtual whiteboard associated with your class. From here you can immediately start dragging and dropping students to create groups.

Basic Functionality

  • Drag and drop
  • Highlight
  • Add text
  • Remove students from the whiteboard into the Sideline
  • Add students back into the whiteboard from Sideline

Customize Data to be Displayed in Student Cell

Use the data already associated with students in their Student Cards to guide your grouping decisions. To do this click on the Customize Display of Student Cell button and select the data you would like to be shown in Zone 1 and/or Zone 2 of the Student Cell.

Zone 1 

Zone 1 data will appear on the lower left side of the Student Cell.  This data is sourced from the primary assessment scores on the Student Card.

Zone 2

Zone 2 data will appear on the lower right side of the Student Cell.  This data is primarily sourced from the Assessment and Identifier fields of the Student Card.

Assign Custom Text

In Zone 2 you also have the option to enter short custom text to be displayed in the Student Cells.


Click Save and Apply.  The custom text entered will now appear in the Student Cell to use as a factor to determine groups.

You can also use the Custom Text feature to enter class specific assessment scores beyond the grade level assessment categories for your grade level which appear in the Student Card.  For example, maybe you are giving a weekly basic math facts assessment - addition/subtraction or multiplication.  In the custom text you can enter these scores as a way to track progress and as a reference point for grouping decisions.


Click and drag to lasso Student Cells to move them on the whiteboard or to the Sideline.

Create Groups from Current Year Digital Data Wall

If your admin has given you permission you will be able to create Groups from your grade level's current year Digital Data Wall.  To learn about the specific Small Group functionality available from the Digital Data Wall please refer to this article: Groups for Admin