Digital Data Wall
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Digital Data Wall

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Article summary

The Digital Data Wall is where you can view all the students in a grade level at one time and where Compose is started.  There are two views:  Current Year and Next Year (Compose has started).

Click on any image to expand the view.

Display Student Card

Clicking on any Student Cell will open that Student Card.

Non Binary Students

Non binary students will display with a colored border.

View Year

The year shown defaults to the current year.  Selecting the previous year will display last year's data.  The color scheme will change to gold as a reminder you're viewing last year's data.

Add, Move, or Retain Students

Turning this selector on will allow you as and Admin (teachers will not have this capability) to: 

  1. Add students. Click on the orange Add Student header..
  2. Move students between classes in the Current Year mode. Drag and drop a student into another class.
  3. Retain students. To learn more please visit our Retaining a Student article.


Here you can record notes for this grade level.

Download Class List

This will generate a csv export of all the data for this grade level.

Import Students

This will allow you to do a bulk upload of the student roster for this grade level.  To learn more please visit our Import Students article.


This will start the compose process and will automatically place the students into equitable classes in the next year's grade level.  In this example the K students will be placed into next year's 1st grade.

Show by Gender

You can choose to view by gender.  In the image below girls are selected to be shown.


Clicking on any assessment abbreviation will change the display of the Student Cell to show the beginning, middle, and end of year scores for that assessment.

Highlight Identified Students

Clicking on any identified abbreviation in the data table will highlight those students in the Digital Data Wall.

Other Display Options

The image below shows other options to select that will change the display of the Student Cell.

Class and Hallway Display Options

Class Display

Clicking on the eye icon will hide that class from the Digital Data Wall.  Click again to make it reappear. In the image below Class 2 is hidden.  

Hallway Display

The Hallway is a temporary holding place for students. With the Add, Move, or Retain Students selector set to On you can drag and drop students into the Hallway. To learn more please visit our Hallway article.

What's Next