Move to Next Year
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Move to Next Year

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Article summary

Once all the grade levels are finalized (Step 4 is set to Yes) the Move to Next Year button will be enabled.  

First Year Users 
Please review this article: Compose Options for the Highest Grade Level
Move to Next Year Still Not Enabled? 

Click on any image to expand the view.

Clicking the Move to Next Year button will migrate all the classes to the next academic year in the system which is the final step in the process. Migrate is our short hand term for Move to Next Year.

This will send all the new classes to your classroom teachers for the new school year and automatically set the program up for the next year. See image below.

Going to any Current Year Digital Data Wall you will see the newly composed classes with the students ungraded.

Current Year Student Cells are Grayed Out 
Since it's a new year and the students haven't been graded the Student Cells will be grayed out.

Now you are you ready to start entering data to take advantage of our year round value features. Then in the spring switch the Compose mode to On to start the composition process again. The cycle repeats.

Previous Year Student Cells are Colored
Select the previous year to view the data entered for each student last year.

When Should I Move to Next Year?

Our program is flexible so it's up to you.  

For your teachers there is a benefit to migrating a few days before the school year begins.  Migrating at this time will give them access to the information on the Student Cards for their new class filled out from the previous year teachers.  Your teachers can make instructional decisions much sooner to start the year.

If you forget, and don’t migrate, you won’t be able to create new classes the following spring and your school won't be able to take advantage of our year round value features.